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Hardcore Survivalist - Just Die Already


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Do you enjoy vanilla? But you find vanilla is a cake walk that hands everything to you on a silver platter and you're all kitted out by day 21 and get bored?
Hardcore Survivalist keeps the vanilla feel and cranks up the difficulty and slows down progression.
- You have an incurable (but treatable) infection. Although, it is rumoured that there's a cure out there somewhere.
- Dying from infection resets infection to 0%!
- Food is scarcer.
- Tighter economy.
- Far less quantity in loot.
- Zombies, zombies and more zombies! So many zombies.
- Most of the Tier 1 melee items have buffed entity/block dmg by 20%, to help lower the gap between T1 and T2 melee items.
- Start with a Quality 4 Tier 0 non-gun weapon of your choice with one perk point for that weapon.
- Replaced Charismatic Nature perk with Survival Instinct, which targets self.
Grants +5 Max Health/Stamina, +10% block dmg, +5% entity dmg, +1 carry weight, +3% XP. Per rank.
- There's also a Master Mode, disabled by default, that turns all normal zombies into ferals, and ferals into radiateds.

A more thorough list of changes can be found in the mods folder. 


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I love this(these) mod(s)!


Very well organized, xml only, mostly plays nice with my other mods.


The incurable infection and difficulty in obtaining antibiotics really makes you play smarter.


Kudos for the effort, died 10 times in about 2 minutes lol i love it!

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