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Two Block Horde Base; How To Sledge

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How to sledge. And I show case my new outpost, the Two Block Horde Base, on day 70 horde night.

Use the steel sledge for big hits. And stone sledge when your overwhelmed. If you need some breatheing room, then use a gun.

I put points in shotgun for the speed debuff to zombies. And maxed out Machine gun for the stamina buff. Its really nice if your out of stamina, just unload a clip before swinging for the fences.

And the rest of the strategy is just footwork, cloth armour and buffs. Runners jacket is a must have too. 

The build is Strength and Fortitude trees maxed out. Using a cigar, Tough Guy Glasses and Sham Chowder

5/5 Boomstick
5/5 Skull Crusher
4/4 Sexual Tyrannosaurus

5/5 Machine Gunner
5/5 Pain Tolerance
5/5 Iron Gut
3/3 Cardio



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I got to admit.  The first minute of this vid, I wasn't sure if you were making some sort of tall boast about your combat capability while whiffin' it here and there.

But by about 3 minutes in, you were rockin' it.  Nicely done. 

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Posted (edited)

Haha yeap. I've been playing batons on a multiplayer world. Probably should have warmed up first. I hardly even use guns, if at all, usually.


Now I'm setting up lighting. Comes out too dark on youtube.


I'll do a version 2 next horde. Should be a bit better.

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