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Game freezes when trying to load into a dedicated server

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had no issues for 2 months and then all of sudden the game crashed (My game is the only one having the issue) ever since that happened when i try to load into the game it freezes between building environment and starting game. here is the game log https://pastebin.com/07h8e9A4


 i have tried this on multiple computers as well as uninstalling the game and reinstalling on each computer

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I don't see it in the log, but if it only happens on that server you're connecting to, it could be your player profile on the server

is corrupted. The server owner would have to delete your profile, and then give you back your lost xp and inventory when

you log in again at level 1.


Another possibility is that the server owner has upgraded to 20.7 while you are still on 20.6. You'd have to update

if that's the issue.


A problem I see on the server side is that the LiteNetLib connection is failing, which shows that the server's port forwarding

is not done correctly. For that server the forwarding would be TCP 26906 and UDP 26906-26909. That may or may not

be related to your issue though.


Khaine said on the DF forum that the current version should still be compatible with A20.7, but also that, as usual, a new save is


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