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What will happen to A20 saves?

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First post here. I hope this is being posted in the right place.

I'm just curious as to what will happen to our A20 progress/saves when A21 drops. Will we be forced to start from scratch? Will we be able to pickup where we left off, but maybe with just the talents/skills reset? I'd really hate to lose everything I've been working on. 


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Your a20 save will still work fine with a20 and you can play it as long as you want until you update the game to s21.


You will get to start a new save with a21. 


There are too many changes between major alpha versions for an a20 save to work on a21. However, even after updating to a21, you can roll back to a20 and continue working on that world whenever you want.  The save itself is not damaged by updating. It just won't work on a21.

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Also you can make a full copy of your A20.7 programm folder right now. Then, provided you have steam started (if you bought the game on steam) you can always start that copy by executing the 7DLauncher executable there, even if you have otherwise updated to the newest version.


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