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AntiCheat Error

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I uninstalled the full 7 Days to die from Steam and my pc...went in and deleted everything that had 7D2D on it, reinstalled. After reinstall still getting same error. Went into the Steam/7D2D folder and manually ran as admin the Easycheat.exe and never got the pop up menu to do anything. Some pics of error codes


I manually added the game and easycheat to firewall.

I play on a dedicated play server we pay for (but happens on all servers), have had it for almost a month and issue just started today.


Now I can log in, I get the error message once in a while, but every 10 minutes or so the game stops working and all I did up to a certain point won't be saved, ill relog and come in and its back a few minutes. 


Someone please help. Thank you

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