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Do not make crossplay with pc players you will literally kill the game on console.

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I heard they are talking about crossplay. 


Crossplay RUINS the experience on console, and absolutely turns console lobbies into ghost towns (especially if crossplay is automatically enabled when first starting the game) 


Dead by daylight: console lobbies shrank due to automatic crossplay split, pc players having an unfair advantage against console players, but console players have no choice but to play pc lobbies 


Hearthstone: pc players have access to tools that tell them what cards their opponent has in hand and deck among various other tools thanks to the utilization of massive datasets, and this is a card game. 


All shooters: unfair against pc players and ruins the experience when the console lobbies are empty. Pc players will often complain about aim assist as if it's some magical aim bot that does everything for you. It doesn't. Mouse is still much more accurate than joysticks with drag. 




PLEASE. Do not make the game crossplay with pc. I won't play it. Many console players will just quit.  


All of this time I've waited, all of this time and money you spent porting it to console will be wasted after the first couple months 



I will have absolutely no respect for this company if you just start copying what other triple a games have been doing: not giving a fk about the players 


I want to play pvp in lobbies where I know all of the players are using controllers 


I don't want to go to a pvp world and be bombarded by squads with mouses and scopes. 


Please. IM BEGGING YOU. DONT add console/pc crossplay 


Crossplay with other consoles is my limit. 



When this game updates its going to be huge on the market, but if players buy the game only to realize they are just going to get stomped by pc players they're going to start getting refunds (and trust me. You can for refunds from psn/xbox)




*Console players never asked for this*

*Pc players like it because they have advantages over console* 

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I've always kinda felt the same way to be fair. I don't mind cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox but, when it comes to cross-play between Console and PC, I've never been that much of a fan, personally. If they at least give the option to turn cross-play off with PC then, I won't mind if they add it long as there's an option to disable it for those who wish to only cross-play with other console players.

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It won't kill the game on console because the main focus of the game is on co-op play. But it can't hurt to ask for such an option. (And if it isn't in the first console version that comes out then it can't hurt to ask again, just saying)


Though isn't it possible to attach keyboard and mouse on the xbox? Would that give that unfair advantage too? And a PC with controller should not have that advantage, right?


In that case the option would better be to turn off keyboard for everyone in the game, no matter the platform.


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