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Vehicles have disappeared

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I signed on 7dtd this evening, and when I went into my garage building I built for my vehicles, none of them are there. I have a motorcycle, minibike, and 4x4 missing.  They are still showing on my map that they are right there, but they are not.  Known issue? Any help?

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There can be issues with vehicles if your game crashes or you close it incorrectly.  I would suggest that you use the console and DM and then use flight and no clip to allow you to move through objects and then descend into the ground below your base and see if you find the vehicles.  You can also try to teleport to the coordinates of the vehicles that you see when looking at the console where it will tell you vehicle positions every so often (you may have to wait until it shows, though it will likely have shown it when you started the game).


I have also seen vehicles that weren't showing up suddenly reappear (sometimes with you on them) after you've been playing for a little while.

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