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Yet another future request

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Here is yet another future request, and follow up explanation for request.


If possible can the Hero loot, mentioned in the Stream,  be set to a timer,
based off of clearing a POI? A player enters the poi, activates the volumes,
and must clear all zombies in an allotted time period, to received advanced loot.


It could basically be 3 stage, then normal loot. The loot container could have
a colored tag, that goes from green, to amber, to red, to blank. This would be
dependent on the clearing of the POI, not reaching the package. It would be
similar to a clear quest, but add a sense of urgency in order to receive advanced
loot. A simple math equation could be applied, loot modifier, volumes, zed quantity,
tier level, and Night bonus time.




One of the things for me that is the most fun, is when I play 1 extra life, minimum day,
on a custom map. I don't use a sleeping bag, and since i play nomadic i don't place a
territorial block. The fun comes when my character dies, and I have to retrieve my bag. I
usually will die, that first time, to an animal in the dark. This is mainly because they
don't have footsteps yet. My maps lean toward minimal forest with taller grass, and higher
volume grass. The main biome is waste then burnt then desert in descending order of coverage.


So if i get ganked, I rez halfway across the map, with only a torch, to begin with. I make
rudimentary weapons on the fly, and stop only long enough to hide and catch my breath. The
majority of the time whatever got me is still there, so I have to kill or outsmart it and
run back through all the kill zones at night or dusk with thick fog, to make it back to
base camp.


The second fun part is if i get sick, the minimal forest and tree stumps, add a sense of
urgency for survival, as i search for antibiotics and honey. I try to make it feel like
alpha 7.                                     A sense of urgency to receive a reward.

A second request is menu configuration: can the directional selects be synchronized, example
if scrap is left, then anything that is scrapped is left. I use a controller the majority of
a play through. Often when clicking through crafting and mod and wear menus i hit left when
that item was right up or down and have to rush to cancel or lose it.

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