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XUi / windows.xml / cbxPartsSpawnChance / value_increment


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When placing Parts using the Prefab Editor, you can specify the percentage chance of the Part appearing. The combobox by default lets you change that percentage by 20% increments. You can click in the track and get any percentage -- sort of -- but if you want nice round numbers you use the increments.


I find it is handy to set the increment to 10% or even 5% so you could set something to 25%. I can do this in a modlet, but I thought maybe with A21 others might like the change incorporated. In XSLT terms:


<set xpath="/windows/window[@name='prefabMarkers']/panel[@name='content']/rect/grid/combobox[@name='cbxPartSpawnChance']/@value_increment">0.1</set>


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