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New Darkness Falls Server looking for players !!

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Server PVP : Darkness Falls NO RULES.

TO DOWNLOAD MOD : https://dev.azure.com/KhaineUK/_git/DarknessFallsA20


Name : 06.04.2023 Darkness Falls PVP HARD 120min
IP :
Port : 54170
Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/775019814051502
Region Europe


64 slots
Difficulty : Maximum
Days duration : 120min
XP : 100%
Loot : 75%
Claim block : 2 per player
Drop on death : only backpack
Max zombies : 100
Zombies per player during blood moon : 20 alive in the same time
Blood moon : every 7 days with 2 days range
Loot respawn days : 20
Air drop frequency : 24h ingame + marker (for pvp)
Party shared xp : 100
Land claim size : 31 blocks

Welcome. This server is evolutive, and it's open to everyone to join.
Suggestions are welcomed. See you there.

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