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Turning off Game Physics in Multiplayer(Dedicated Server)

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Hey, i got an issue with my Dedicated Server, I'm trying to do a creative lobby with my friends where we just go for freaky builds.
For that i need the Physics to be turned off.  I know that in a Singleplayer save this is possible through the debug menu. 
Sadly on my Multiplayer server this isnt possible. The debug menu is running and working, but the Checkbox to turn Physics off isnt there. 
I have already tried to bypass this by reducing the Mass and increasing the stability_glue but this doesnt work as planed.

So my question is, is it even possible to turn the physics off on a dedicated Server? And if yes how?
I have also attached a picture of  what the debug menu looks like in the server. Any ideas are welcome!







 https://ibb.co/Lx11zky    Heres the picture of how the Debug menu looks on my server.

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