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Easter Rabbits and Eggs


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#This mod is XML only, so you can use it as "server only"


Hi guys, I wanted to post you a new version of this mod, for alpha 20.

I had already released it in 2018 but unfortunately I could no longer edit my own topic (no idea why).



Find the colored eggs by hunting "Easter Rabbits" or just loot some random containers, like a birdnest.

50 eggs (different colors) can be crafted to a "Golden Egg", which gives you a special chest with loot, after you eat it.





OLD video (alpha 16) but it explains the mod. I'll post a newer one later



Old topic:



Download (a20):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxsee1qmte3saxf/Easter Rabbits and Eggs.rar?dl=0

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