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Brand New Undead Legacy Server

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Big Community Games will be hosting a PVE Undead Legacy server with Compopack (Extra Cities) starting up this Saturday, April 8th.
We are an active and expanding community that host a variety of games based on what the community wants to play. You can join the discord with the link below and access our 7 days to die live channels while playing! We hope to see you join!


Server page: https://www.bigcommunitygames.com/servers/7-days-to-die/undead-legacy




Notable server settings:

Server Name: Big Community Games with Comfy Factory
Difficulty: Warrior (3 out of 5)
24 hour cycle: 180 Minutes
Daylight Length: 20 in game hours
Zombie day speed: walk
Zombie night speed: nightmare
Max Zombies: 200
Drop on Death: Everything
Blood Moon Count: 18
Mark Air Drops: On
Player Killing: OFF
Loot: 200%
Xp multiplier: 200%
Player damage: 150%
Loot Respawn Time: 7 Days
Air Drops: every 12hr
Claim size: 75 blocks
Claim amount: 2
Party Shared Xp: 500m

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