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CraftingTier 6

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Not in vanilla and typically not with any mods

Sorry brain is half asleep still, to do it, you might try something like this:


vanilla game


            <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="1,2,3,4,5" value="1,2,3,4,4" tags="perkDeadEye"/>




            <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="0,5" value="5" tags="perkDeadEye"/>


In theory, that should allow you to craft Q6 items of perkDeadEye without spec'ing into it

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Might have helped if I tried things out first before replying  🙂


This worked as intended.  I made a quick modlet and it instantly allowed me to crat a Q6 pipe rilfe.


So now as soon as you unlock the recipe, any weapons tied to perkDeadEye would allow you to craft Q6 at the beginning.


Edit:  If you want to limit it to specific items only, you just need to add the line I showed with a custom tag tied to that item / recipe in any of the perks (note change the level range based on the number of perk levels).

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Posted (edited)

yes, I would like to limit it to 1 item, and I didn't really understand how to do it.
Could you give me a concrete example for 1 item only?


the item appears well level 6, but when I craft it is level 1

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so lets call the item AwesomeSword


So in the items.xml file, you should add an entry to include AwesomeSword into the code and give it a custom tag (in this case, perkSwordCrafting)

<item name="meleeWpnSwordT3AwesomeSword">
    <property name="Tags" value="machete,melee,grunting,light,longShaft,perkFlurryOfBlows,weapon,meleeWeapon,attAgility,perkDeepCuts,perkTheHuntsman,canHaveCosmetic,perkSwordCrafting"/>




In the recipes.xml file, add it with the custom tag


<recipe name="meleeWpnSwordT3AwesomeSword" count="1" craft_area="workbench" craft_time="60" tags="learnable,perkDeepCuts,perkSwordCrafting">
    <ingredient name="meleeWpnBladeT3MacheteParts" count="5"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceForgedSteel" count="10"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="10"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="3"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="3"/>
        <passive_effect name="CraftingIngredientCount" level="2,6" operation="perc_add" value=".5,2.5" tags="meleeWpnBladeT3MacheteParts,resourceForgedSteel,resourceWood,resourceLeather,resourceDuctTape"/>


Then add the new crafting tier into one of the existing perks (for this example, into deep cuts):

<insertAfter xpath="//perk[@name='perkDeepCuts']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='CraftingTier']">

            <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="0,5" value="5" tags="perkSwordCrafting"/>



You should now be able to craft a Q6 Awesome Sword at perk level 0 once you unlock the recipe.


Note, I left perkDeepCuts on the example if you want to tie in the benefits of the DeepCuts perk into the weapon  The game will see both crafting tiers (so it will go from 6 to 11) but should only craft at Q6 max.  I believe it hard limits it to a max level of Q6 if the item is setup to only go to a max level of 6.  I believe I created a situation where the crafting tier level was 7, but I could not craft at that level


Another option is to create a brand new perk that ties directly to it and remove perkDeepCuts altogether.

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