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Apocalypse DLC (or additions)


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This was originally posted on Steam by me, but someone said post it here, cause its never looked.


It would be really nice if we could get a varied amount of apocalyptic building stuff, materials and brutal visuals.

On every server I visit, I build a temple to the mighty blood god KHORNE! but it feels so... lacking, when there are no skulls to decorate the walls with, no skull pyramids, no gore mountains... no blood rivers... no hanging corpses or candle skulls.

I would love to be able to craft armor and weapons out of bones. There are so many zombies... and yet their bodies go without use... How do you expect us to get our apocalyptic hellscape ambitions on, without giving us the tools to do such...

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Building a demonic temple (or whatever you might want to call it) doesn't really have to relate in any way to apocalypse.  I have a feeling they won't add too much of what you're asking for in vanilla (even in a DLC), though there are those who hope for skeletons at least.  Never hurts to ask, though. :)


You can, of course, mod such things in.

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