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silencing solarbanks, batteries and generators via xml doesnt seem to work. where is it hidden?

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i tried everything in my noob power to edit sounds.xml file but it seems to have no effect on the sounds when i delete the lines of "solarbank" "generator" etc. 

do i need to change any other line? i checked the lines for hours but couldnt find anything fitting. any help on this would be great. the humming sound of power sources drives me nuts. i need silent generator etc. thx

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Instead of deleting, try lowering the volume scales



<SoundDataNode name="batterybank_start"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Interact"/>
    <Noise ID="1" noise="7" time="3" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/>
    <AudioClip ClipName="Sounds/Electricity/BatteryBank/batterybank_start"/>
    <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="1.0"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="0.5"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.01"/> </SoundDataNode>


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