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More Start Menu Options

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What other start of game menu options would people like to see?

Could there be some that you set when generating the world then cannot change?



Some of these are already modlet added, like configure Max Zombies, Animals, Land Claim Block, etc.


  1. Show/Hide Ore Nodes on Map
  2. Ore node frequency, richness underneath
  3. Traders Attached to towns or in wilderness
  4. Zombie number multiplier
  5. Animal number multiplier


What other ideas do people have?



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I recently played on a server that had a mod that took away the targeting reticle when you aimed... presumably because the weapon's sites were enough. For some reason that really bothered me. I like the targeting reticle, but I get that others may not. I think that would make a nice on/off option that each player could control for themselves.

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I think options especially for new players should be a thing like a tutorial to help, other than the basic survival at the beginning of the game and the list of information that tells you about the journal entrys. 

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A "fast start" option that disables the tutorial but still gives the skill points would be nice for veterans.  I know it sounds bad to give free skill points, but the tutorial stuff gets old very fast but you feel required to do them because of those skill points.  A fast start option would fix that.  Besides, I have no need for a club or bow and arrow and placing and upgrading a block at the spawn point since you can't pick it back up is useless to me.  I usually find a trader and then complete that block upgrade part, but even then it isn't the point in time that I am interested in starting a base.


And I definitely want to disable the danger meter.  If be fine with it if it only appeared at the top left as seen in the video, but I hate that it also appears large in the middle of the screen.  Absolutely a no go for me.


And a vehicle damage option would be great.  100% being what was shown in the video and then options of 0%, 25%, 50%, and maybe 75%.  Right now, loading so much durability from a single hit will annoy me within the first day or two of driving a motorcycle or 4x4.  I like the increased damage since right now it feels like you never have to repair, but it is too much by far in what they showed.

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