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Game won't shutdown cleanly

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Output log: Mel Client Output log - Pastebin.com


Win 10, 32 GB, RT 3060

I had been playing the Darkness Falls for weeks with no issues. I did not change anything as all was well. Yesterday the game decided that it would no longer do a 'clean' exit. That is, when exiting the game, 7dtd would not stop running - had to use Task Manager to kill the game upon each exit.


No worries, it's time for a game change anyway.

I used the game launcher to remove the game (all boxes checked). Seemed to be clean (both in Appdata and in Steam folders). Reinstalled A20 B9. Verified downloaded files twice.


A20 B9 runs fine, but it too will not fully shutdown upon exit. The misty burnt forest screen is displayed, the cursor remains active, but it doesn't want to leave...must use Task Manager to kill it.


Not going to guess at what it could be. The game (vanilla) runs fine, it just doesn't want to leave me....

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7 hours ago, Melange said:

it would no longer do a 'clean' exit

I don't know if this is in any way related but there are updates for both your Nvidia driver and your OS.

Don't see any errors in your log.

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Thank you for looking over the log, @Beelzybub. So, since the issue wouldn't go away, I installed the latest release of DF over my existing A20 B6. Thinking 'What's the worst thing that can happen?". Fixed it. No longer get the 'not responding' error.  Weird. Probably will update OS and graphics drivers later though.


Thanks again!

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