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Suggestion on Rules for 7days, please consider.

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I am new to your servers, one the exit screen when pressing esc, I can clearly see max of 30 trees, and farm plot size. I saw nothing on turrets. I am building a castle that had 12 turrets to each side that would of been 48 total. I had powered hatches on them etc. Someone told me the rule of 30 max limit of turrets. I asked a admin, and was correct on 30 max. So I went to look for where the rule was posted. Nothing on the Esc, then went to here on forums, couldn't find it on a search. Then I found it, don't remember how I did find it here, but I found it. My suggestion is please make it easier to find rules for servers, add to the Esc screen, make a subject on Rules for servers here on forums, etc. Make them easier to find, please. I am on my 4th real life hour redoing my turrets and only half way done with only 3 sides that was completed, not to mention the time it took originally it took to set up. I also risked my base being wiped. I don't want someone else to run into this as I did. I dreaded rebuilding the setup, I almost quit playing again. i am humbly asking.

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