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Lockpicking question

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I am loving this MOD! I had been playing vanilla since alpha 19 and recently decided to jump into some of the overhaul mods, and by far this one has been my favorite!


Well, except for one thing :(


The lockpicking :( Is there a way I can revert the lockpicking back to how it is in Vanilla 7 Days? I've tried and struggled to do the lockpicking the way it is in UL, I just cant do it. You see, I have a physical disability that greatly reduses the use of my right hand, so I have a customized set controller that I use, and the way the lockpicking is in UL, Im unable to do it. So I was wondering is there was a way I revert the lockpicking mechanic back to like it is in vanilla?


Thanks, and again, overall excellent mod!



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