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steam and pc-gamepass

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I have game pass(pc) and my friend has Steam, 


He can find my session by searching my username but gets blocked with a "Waiting for Steam Verification" page


I can't search his session at all,


!!-We were able to join a 3rd party session (sorry for whoever we crashed in on) and see each other there, we just can't join each others.

any suggestions?

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Whoever plays server should find out his public IP address and tell the other player (there are websites to find that out). The other player should use this IP address to connect directly from the game client, not steam. Also the server player should check whether he opened all the necessary ports on the router (26900 TCP and 26900-26903 UDP), it may work without but it helps network performance and stability.


crossplay across sales platforms is a relatively new feature, it will take some time for TFP to transform this into a reliable feature.



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