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Weekly/Monthly Player Buff

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Totally new at this ... 

I am trying to create a mod that gives all the players a buff one time per (real time) week or month, for 1h.

I am assuming there is no existing trigger for this (FirstLoginOfTheWeek/Month) !?

Any way to achieve it ?


I am thinking that:

- I may be able to build a variable to hold the real time ... ?

.. or

- Have a dummy buff for a week minus 1 hour ... and start the real one for 1 hour when the first expires .. but the first one should count time when the player is offline as well ...


Any hints ?

Thank you!


Simple Buff below ... .

	<append xpath="/buffs">	
		<!-- Weekly Buff -->
	<buff name="buffWeeklyBonus" name_key="WeeklyBuff" tooltip_key="buffWeeklyBonusTooltip" description_key="buffWeeklyBonusDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_xp">		
		<stack_type value="duration"/>
		<duration value="3600"/>
		<update_rate value="9"/>
			<!-- <requirement name="OnceAWeek ???"/>-->
			<passive_effect name="PlayerExpGain" operation="perc_add" value="0.2"/>	




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