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Performance optimization (File locations)

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I have my steam folder on an SSD, but my OS is on an HDD. 

I figured I had my game files optimized for transfer speed until I realized my game worlds are located in my user files on my C drive which is an HDD

Long story short, with my steam folders (7d2d main files) on an SSD, and my game world files on an HDD, I really am not optimized am I? 

Reason being I am pulling world data from an HDD, instead of an SSD like I had intended.

Am I getting that correctly?

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Sounds about right. I think there's a way to change the target location for the world files, but I can't recall it off the top of my head - let's hope some kind soul does :)

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Just a note on moving saves as I have done this myself... It can be a hassle to get the existing saves to load properly and even when you do, your cleared map areas can be covered again (fog of war).  I'm sure I did something that caused my problems, but I originally just moved the saves and set the command line argument and that is how things worked out for me.  I hear to tweak things to get everything working and still had to explore everything again (in MP moving the map around trends to very slowly recover explored areas, but this doesn't happen in SP).


I would recommend copying your saves first instead of moving them so you have them all in the original location and can remove the command line argument if you have problems.

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4 hours ago, SylenThunder said:

The argument is UserDataFolder





And just to add more clarity, this can be added in Steam or in the shortcut you use to launch the game (or a different setting for each if you prefer).  It is an incredibly handy feature for many reasons.

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