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New map generated over my existing saved map. Need help to fix

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I was looking for help on trying to fix an issue. I had a saved map that I had put a lot of work in, it was a generated world. I tried to make an additional map to play solo and for some reason the new map uploaded into my existing saved map and now it messed up my map. My base and progress is still there but the whole map around me changed, the buildings glitch and I can't get the trader to open. Is there a way I can fix this so I dont lose my progress? Thank you 

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Can you please provide more details?

When you play, do you encounter any errors? In other words does the console command prompt pop up with anything in red text?) 

When did you generate and start playing the original map?

Which version of Alpha was it generated? (i.e Alpha 19, Alpha 20, Alpha 20.6, etc.)

What is the Seed (map names) of each map?

When you say "put a lot of work into" Do you mean player progression? Or is this a map that you were editing?

What changes/glitches are there specifically?

What exactly do you mean you can't get the trader to open? The "Open" sign doesn't come on, and the door remains locked?

Or is it that you can't interact with the trader?

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It is a known issue that using the same seed (or maybe it's name... I forget) as an existing map will overwrite the previous map.  You should be careful when creating new maps that they aren't using the same values.  Note that you can use the same map in multiple different games without making a new copy of the map.  Just start different games with that map.  As far as fixing it, there isn't really anything you can do to fix it.  Once you change a file you can't undo that other than using a backup if you made one (always good to have backups with this game - not that I am good at that myself).  You may be able to correct some of the issues depending what exactly those issues are by using the debug/creative modes and perhaps also the world editor, but some things probably can't be corrected.

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12 hours ago, brandonluke21 said:

My base and progress is still there but the whole map around me changed

You could create a new map with the same attributes as your old map. Then your save data would match up to the world data.

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