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Looking for people to bring on board for a MOD overhaul project.

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Looking for a group of 2 or 4 people to join my Project Team. We have an amazing project we want to bring out in Alpha 21, work on this project has already started. We need people skilled with C# [Harmony - Csharp] creating [POIs], basic and advanced XML, and skilled with UNITY importing and exporting. With a team, nobody is overworked nobody gets burned out. What I love about working with a team is the refining process that comes from a group dynamic If you have an amazing idea talking to a team of friends and bouncing ideas around not only helps you see it from another perspective but lets you refine that idea make it better and more polished. If this sounds like something you would be interested in send me a message, we can discuss the project details and go from there. Even if you are new and you are learning and looking for a first project you are welcome here. Everyone has a first start why not make that first experience with a group of friends.

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