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Failed Quests, RemoveQuest, and You

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I've been attempting to figure out how to remove failed quests.  I know - gitgud - Don't Fail - quit and restart the quest if you fail - yadda yadda yadda.  I've read all of the responses to the question, "How do you remove a failed quest?"  As I like to tinker under the hood of games, I've found out how to do this.  Keep in mind, that this is all based upon my own observations.  Any errata in this is always welcome to correction.


To do this, first, open up the quest log.  This is best done RIGHT AFTER the quest has been failed, as this affects the LAST entry in the log of the quest type.

The command goes as thus ...


removequest <tier, such as tier2 or tier3>_<quest type, as in fetch / fetch_clear / clear / buried_supplies / restore_power>_<trader, IE clair / reckt / joel>


So, putting it all together, as an example ... removequest tier3_fetch_jen


I tried this out and removed a failed quest BEFORE my current one, the current being a fetch and clear and the prior one, the failed one, being a fetch quest.  I hope this helps all of those OCD's out there.  Keep in mind that this clears out the most recent of the quest type, so if this comes LONG after you've collected a bunch of failed quest entries, your log will be backtracked as often as you use the command combinations needed.

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The lengths people will go to escape their failures.. just embrace them, and the red cross will be a reminder of a lesson learned, not of failure as a human.


Now, having a "one" on the death counter is a whole different thing, I swear!


EDIT: Good info, though :)

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I have only rarely scrolled back through the quest listing - usually to try and determine if I've completed tier 5 of a trader or not (I wish there was an indication if you completed the tier!), so I don't even see failed quests after completing some more.  This is helpful for anyone who cares, but I'm with others here... why does it matter?  And I agree with theFlu that the 1 death on your record is FAR more disconcerting. ;)

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A fun prank would be in A21, they introduce a new mechanic where if you fail a quest, it moves it to the bottom of the list....just to troll people with OCD so they can't remove it.


I do that all the time to a coworker in my department.  Every now and then, I will install a safety label at a weird angle and see how long it takes until it bothers him.  Don't worry, he gets me back all the time.



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