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Will A21 be implementing perk bonuses into the new tool perks?

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Things like damage bonuses from Miner 69er or gathering bonuses from Motherlode. I think it'd be annoying if only the crafting aspect of the tool related perks were moved over and you'd still be strong armed into specing for perk builds that you don't want just to cut the grind down. 

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I am not sure what you mean, but from what we been told, the crafting system obviously is moving over into crafting skills that you raise by finding the specific magazine or buying from traders / quest rewards.


The perks are getting revamps but they haven't talked a lot about them besides the changes to Sex Rex and Flurry of Blows.


So Miner 69r already has a bonus to entity and block damage and should see a stamina bonus and speed bonus.   Motherlode right now only boosts harvest yields so I don't see any changes coming to it unless that is part of a wider rework.


If you don't want to spend points to unlock perk bonuses, you can mod the game and put all that stuff into the crafting perks; but I don't see TFP removing perks and move everything to the learn by reading system.  They already talked about revamping perks so...

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