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Long load time after installing overhaul mod


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I recently installed the electricity overhaul mod by ocbMaurice.  After I installed and tried loading my game it just sits at the Loading game data screen.  Is this normal?  Is it generating the map?



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You will be better served by asking ocbMaurice for advice and assistance in 7 Days to Die >> Game Modification >> Mods, then find Electricity Overhaul Mod or use the search tool. Even if ocbMaurice doesn't reply to you quickly, there are other players who use the mod and they might also be able to assist you.

If you are in a hurry or simply can't find the OP by the usual methods, go here:


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It would also help to provide then with info from your log.  You could even just open the console (F1 by default) while loading to see things a happening.  If things stop happening, you at least have an idea of where.

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