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[Solved] Calendar Day Counter Mod

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I'm trying to mod the game to change the day display from just "Day 1" "Day 2" "Day 50" to something more realistic and immersive - a day counter working in the confines of a "real" calendar.

So I'd like to make the display start at "Monday, June 1st, 2015" and have all these values adjust with each passing day, month, and year.

Doing this dynamically is probably not possible, so the best way to do it would presumably be to hide the normal vanilla game display, and to replace it with a hard list where it just skips to the next entry with each passing day, and then to just write out like 5 years of individual days with the full display text adjusted and fitting in advance for it to go through.


I found the


        <sprite pos="240,-60" sprite="" color="255,255,255,255" globalopacitymod="1.8">
            <label depth="2" width="300" height="30" text="{daytitle}: [{daycolor}]{day}[-] {timetitle}: {time}" font_size="28" pivot="center" effect="outline" upper_case="true" justify="center"/>


entry in windows.xml in XUi in the config folder, and I also found this:



                    <sprite depth="2" name="dayTimeIcon" width="24" height="24" pos="10,-16" sprite="ui_game_symbol_clock" color="[iconColor]" foregroundlayer="true"/>
                    <label depth="2" name="dayTimeLabel" pos="40,-18" width="250" height="28" text="{mapdaytimetitle}: [DECEA3]{mapdaytime}[-]" font_size="26"/>


but I don't know where to go from here. The latter one doesn't even seem to be related to the ingame display and seems to instead relay to what day it shows the game world to be on in the "continue game" screen, if I'm not mistaken.

Or alternatively, since its at "mapView", it could also be information displayed on the ingame map? I have no clue.


Some helpful pointers would be much appreciated.




//EDIT and Update:

I figured it out with the help of Alloc, Laydor, and Haidr'Gna. Thanks very much to the guys.

Project is now released here:


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