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multiplayer crashing


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I used to play 7 days all the time with my so but as of the last update (not the current one but the one before??) it crashes before we can join each others game. It will let us play single player just fine but once one of us starts to join the games both crash. I thought maybe it'd get patched so we waited it out but it doesn't seem so, I feel lost but still love and want to play the game..... any ideas on what I should do?




I'm so sorry I just realized I'm in the wrong topic but I don't know how to take it down ahhhhh

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On 2/16/2023 at 2:02 AM, Bearixie said:

any ideas on what I should do?

Make sure you are on the same version. Select "none" from the betas tab.

Also, use the Launcher/Tools/Clean game data... menu to clean everything up.

After that, don't start the game. Verify files twice, and try again.

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