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Game Events question

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My quick questions regarding this:


1.       How do you activate a Game Event from a quest.xml file? 

2.      How do you use the Delay timing in XML properly?   I could use some a few seconds delay between story telling Tutorial Tips myself to avoid spamming the player with popup windows.  And it would be nice to include some sound effects in quests as well. 

3.       Also, is there a list of the Sound effects that can be coded in anywhere?  I can’t seem to find one. 


Background to the questions: 

      I noticed the developers use GameEvents.xml for certain “Action Classes” that one could imagine also being used as “Action Types” instead in Quests.xml.  Like they play sound effects that occur in Quests but activated as an “Action Class” in GameEvents, rather than having “PlaySound” in quests.xml.   Also they use “Delay” in the GameEvents to put some space between action classes.  I’m guessing this is the best way to enable certain actions, in GameEvents as opposed to in the Quests.xml file?  Is that true?  Its a little confusing as there seems to be an overlap between actions that can activate in either GameEvents or Quests (as per the dev produced list of possible actions at the bottom of the GameEvents file).


 If you can help thank you very much!  97% done with a story based set of quests and just trying to clean it up and make it a little more User friendly.  Thanks!





Examples from the GameEvents file:



        <action class="AddJournalTip">

            <property name="tip_name" value="tutorialTipQuest01" />

            <property name="show_window" value="true" />

            <property name="phase" value="1" />



        <action class="Delay">

            <property name="time" value="2" />

            <property name="phase" value="2" />



        <action class="AddQuest">

            <property name="quest" value="quest_BasicSurvival1" />

            <property name="phase" value="3" />




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Sorry I'm late to this, but AFAIK, the only quest objective that uses game events is the "POIBlockActivate" objective. The game event is specified in the "complete_event" property.


That objective is only activated by generators, and right now only in the "restore power" quests.


Hopefully there will be more options in A21, but right now that's what is available.

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