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Annoying sound, eh? I know the feeling.


I don't know of a way for "strictly once", but with two cameras and a powered hatch you can setup a system of "couple honks per zed" and/or limit that in time duration to "couple honks every 30 secs - or whatever power uptime you choose"


Cam 1 runs the horn normally: Power - Camera - Horn.

Cam 2 looks at the same area and operates a hatch. Power - Camera - Hatch.

The hatch blocks the view for Cam 1 when powered.


If you leave the settings for both as Instant, Triggered: the horn blares for as long as the hatch takes to open. About two loops of the sound.

If you want to add a "mandatory delay between sounds", you can increase the power duration for the hatch cam (Cam 2) - to keep the hatch open for longer.

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1 hour ago, theFlu said:

That should limit it nicely, might be a tad fidgety to find a good setup. Then again, I tend to just deploy a turret instead. Does the warnings AND the cleaning, now all I need is a cook.

I have 4 sides in my MASSIVE base so I need to know where they broke through the wall, after that all of my turrets inside the wall will get them. I just want to know what side they broke in at, rather than walking the long catwalk looking for them.


Now that I think of it, if they do break through the wall (no Pink Floyd reference) the turrets will alert me after they start shooting. I just thought it would be cool to have speakers.

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6 minutes ago, bobrpggamer said:

I just thought it would be cool to have speakers.

I do like the idea of a perimeter alert as well, just the practicality of turrets being cheap enough to use instead kinda kills the whole point. As a bonus, the gunfire is way more pleasant to listen to.

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