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Anyone know of any enemy/zombie mods?

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Already tried Snufkin's zombie mod and it wasn't to my liking, too many wacky variants like the shark. Anyone know any other zombie mods that just add more variety and difficulty? Or how easy would it be to buy some assets from the unity store and put them into the game myself?

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There are several. I would start here:



its a base mod and is made so modders can add to it with new models. Also a good place to hook into if you wanted to make your own. I dont have the link but there is a "Guppys discord" where you can get help modding something like this (adding more assets). You will have to use Unity. Thats all i know.


but there are more that are not (yet?) part of the NPc pack:




theres even more than this, but they may not "play well together" and are usually not adding this many zeds permodpack


Theres also the sorcery addon, which is a lot more than just new zeds, but this might be a bit "not what you are looking for" as its fantasy related



And, of course, a lot of the big "overhaul" mods have custom zeds, and sometimes you can load them and the packs above all at once.




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