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WarZ NA PvP/PvE Just Wiped 1/29 Monthly Wipes

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The Oasis | 6k Map | Difficulty: 3 | XP: 300% | Loot: 150% | Resets: As Needed | Air Drops Daily | New mods every week | Monthly Wipes

Old School loot shot survive..
 ○ 15 New Item Modifiers
○ 50 New Weapons
○ 24 New Sets of Armor
More mods to come at the community's request.

Join Today steam://connect/


The Golden Rule applies.[-]    We're all here to have fun, so respect other players and staff.

   Don't cheat. This includes all forms of cheating. You can get banned and that's not fun.
 Please speak respectfully in chat. We shouldn't have to tell you that racist or insulting comments are bad. Our admins will use their judgement about how you speak in chat. If you are warned, stop or the next step is banning.
   ]We are a PvE/PvP server. Friendly fire is on.
 Don't show up with an offensive name. They aren't allowed.  If we say it's offensive, just go change it or find another server. Also, names with special characters are not allowed for a lot of reasons. Just don't.  
 If you're here to play and have fun, come on inside! https://discord.gg/MRCMURFXVa"
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