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"Reverse" Action Skills

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 I really enjoy the learn by doing mechanic that used to be standard and you can still get from certain overhauls and modlets. What I would like to do however is make it to where instead of gaining levels in just clubs, or mining, or scavenging, etc. is have the base attribute level up instead. So points would no longer be invested trying to get to level 10 of that attribute. Instead any action you perform that is within that tree incrementally gets you to level 10, and that's the "gate" holding you back from maxing out the individual perks.


 This would free up up many skill points that could be invested into other trees I'd normally feel I had to sacrifice this playthrough in order to pick the "Must haves". To my knowledge there isn't a mod or overhaul that does this. So my questions are, is this even possible to do? And could someone with more knowledge in this area direct me to the XML's I'd need to look at to make this happen? Maybe I could cross reference with another LBD mod and try to figure out how to make that happen, I'm willing to put in the work to learn, just need to be shown the way. I'm not a complete rookie. I did manage to get the Rings of Potential mod to work with Undead Legacy through XML editing trial and error. Any responses are appreciated.



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