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Who remembers these days?


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Found this while looking at some older pics on my Imgur account.

Says it was submitted 7 years ago.





and yes I think I may know why my ass kept getting chewed off by following this list.





Also found this. I think it is one of 7 Days To Die's early menus.




Says this one was from 6 years ago.


 I had circled the menu pages. Seems like we had more options back then.



One more...


Pic of guy named stabby holding a huge knife in a game glitch...







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Remember the dog hordes. It was like, oh day 5 it´s 12:00, better look out for a elevated position to be at 14:00.


Pretty sure the options are either from 2013 pre steam, the first steam version or a mod as i am sure i have never seen this before.


I also remember, mini map, zombies beeing faster in the dark no matter wich time of the day (aka in dark rooms and in the shadow) and grid crafting.


And what i really, really miss is when temperature had an actual impact on you and wasn´t just an annoying icon on the screen.



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I remember that options screenshot being a joke posted on the forum. As far as I know the actual game has never used that font let alone that method of selecting options. Also the color scheme was brown and not neon green.

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My friends and I only ever play Alpha's 11 and 16 (I prefer 11). It's all good, not at all bitter about it, but the TFP vision went away from what I enjoyed about the game, so the older shots are not that new to me.


I think I've got about 20 hours in A20 before I ditched it for my latest A11 game (with heavily modified XML files that I've tinkered with over the years).

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