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Lock Picking mod idea

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I have no idea if this is even possible, but i have an idea. 

I hate the lock picks, and i often grab a dev god hammer to bust the locks when i find them.  Or i will spawn lock picks as i run out(they are stupid expensive).


We need a lock picking tool that doesn't get used up. It has durability that is decreased each time it is used.  It would be repaired with repair kits.  The lock picking perk would determine what level tool you can make, as well as reduce the chance that you would accidently set a pin incorrectly.  The tool quality would effect durability, and also reduce the time it takes to pick the lock(think more pick types in the tool set).  Oh and you can keep the icon the same.


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I'm sure I've read in one of the local xml files a comment wishlist door lock system which will act as a type of key, that is detectable in the players inventory. So you don't need to continually break down locked doors if you have the key on you.

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What would be cool is if in a trader quest you got a key and a map to a special side quest to a hidden location with an extra special loot room.

Or even as an easter egg you found a key and map in a random poi (maybe just 2 or 3 on the whole map) belonging to a soldier of a secret hidden base location with a really good ammo/weapon cache.

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On 1/19/2023 at 7:11 PM, Javabean867 said:



I don't mind the current lockpicks. It is playable and with one level of the lockpicking skill I never seem to run out.


However, I do cover a week of physical security in one of my classes and sometimes when playing the game I end up thinking about stuff like you are suggesting, often when I see something weird. For instance:

  • When we break a pick - I've never broken one in real life. My students will sometimes bend one. We bend it back.
  • When we use picks on a combination lock. It is possible to use a thin strip to figure out the combination on some cheap combination locks, but not any of the locks shown on a game safe and you're certainly not going to use a tension tool.

What I tend to come up with -- and I don't think it is worth trying to convince TFP to do any of it -- is:

  • As the game progresses you collect different kinds of picks, rakes, tension tools, and maybe even a brute-force combination lock robot thingy (they really exist). You could have traveler's hooks, J tools, and under-door tools to defeat doors.
  • As your skill progresses you become able to pick harder locks.
  • As your skill progresses you get faster at picking.

Oddly enough, I'd be okay if the game just made you wait a minute before letting you in. I'd get up, stretch my legs, get a drink, all of which would be good for me.

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