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items that are not on console list?

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I have typed up all the clothing items up and trying to farm 600 clothing. so i am only finding a purple tanktop but no other clothing is purple and lucky goggles i looked at every trader and nothing i apologize if this is not the right spot to post this.

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Here is a list I made of the clothing that apparently is in the game for consoles.


Animal Hide Hood

Aviator Goggles 595
Bandana 577
Baseball Cap  
BDU Bottoms 600
BDU Top 600
Black Bandana 595
Black Baseball Cap 595
Black Cowboy Boots 600
Black Cowboy Hat 574
Black Denim Pants 599
Black Hooded Sweatshirt 600
Black Leather Duster 456
Black Pressboy Cap 514
Black Puffer Coat 580
Black Shades 584
Black Shirt 460
Black Shorts 595
Black Skirt 541
Black Skullcap 600
Black Sweatshirt 469
Black Tank Top  
Black T-Shirt 477
Blue Bandana 600
Blue Baseball Cap 529
Blue Cowboy Boots  
Blue Denim Pants 600
Blue Hooded Sweatshirt 600
Blue Pressboy Cap 594
Blue Puffer Coat  
Blue Shades  
Blue Shirt 555
Blue Shorts 577
Blue Skirt 528
Blue Skullcap 600
Blue Sweatshirt 583
Blue Tank Top 600
Blue T-Shirt 600
Brown Bandana 600
Brown Baseball Cap 600
Brown Cowboy Boots  
Brown Denim Pants 507
Brown Hooded Sweatshirt 589
Brown Pressboy Cap 600
Brown Puffer Coat 600
Brown Shades  
Brown Shirt 582
Brown Shorts 600
Brown Skirt 600
Brown Skullcap 600
Brown Swearshirt 600
Brown Tank Top  
Brown T-Shirt 557
Cloth Head Armor 600
College Jacket  
Cowboy Boots 600
Cowboy Hat 600
Denim Pants  
Dress Shoes  
Facial Piercings 1
Firefighter's Helmet  
Flannel Shirt  
Football Helmet 600
Ghillie Suit Hood  
Ghillie Suit Jacket  
Ghillie Suit Pants  
Goggles 574
Gothic Boots  
Gothic Pants  
Green Bandana 600
Green Baseball Cap 600
Green Cowboy Boots  
Green Denim Pants  
Green Hooded Sweatshirt 600
Green Pressboy Cap 600
Green Puffer Coat 600
Green Shades  
Green Shirt 600
Green Shorts 388
Green Skirt 453
Green Skullcap 600
Green Sweatshirt 373
Green Tank Top 600
Green T-Shirt 600
Hazmat Boots  
Hazmat Gloves  
Hazmat Mask  
Hazmat Pants 168
Hazmat Shirt 600
High-Performance Running Shoes  
Hooded Sweatshirt  
Iron Boots  
Iron Chest Armor  
Iron Gloves  
Iron Helmet  
Iron Leg Armor  
Leather Boots  
Leather Chest Armor  
Leather Duster 600
Leather Gloves  
Leather Hood 159
Leather Leg Armor  
Leather Poncho  
Lucky Goggles  
Military Boots 594
Military Gloves  
Military Helmet 599
Military Leg Armor  
Military Stealth Boots  
Military Vest 475
Mining Helmet 600
Nerdy Glasses 600
Night Vision Goggles 600
Overalls 600
Padded Boots  
Padded Chest Armor  
Padded Gloves  
Padded Hood  
Padded Leg Armor  
Plant Fiber Boots  
Plant Fiber Gloves  
Plant Fiber Hat  
Plant Fiber Hood  
Plant Fiber Pants  
Plant Fiber Shirt  
Press Boy Cap  
Puffer Coat 594
Purple Bandana  
Purple Baseball Cap  
Purple Cowboy Boots  
Purple Denim Pants  
Purple Hooded Sweatshirt  
Purple Pressboy Cap  
Purple Puffer Coat  
Purple Shades  
Purple Shirt  
Purple Skirt  
Purple Skullcap  
Purple Sweatshirt  
Purple Tank Top 543
Purple T-Shirt  
Red Bandana 600
Red Baseball Cap 600
Red Cowboy Boots  
Red Denim Pants 583
Red Hooded Sweatshirt 583
Red Pressboy Cap 600
Red Puffer Coat 600
Red Shades  
Red Shirt 600
Red Shorts 600
Red Skirt 592
Red Skullcap 600
Red Sweatshirt 600
Red Tank Top 532
Red T-Shirt 545
Running Shoes  
Santa Hat  
Scrap Boots  
Scrap Chest Armor  
Scrap Gloves  
Scrap Helmet  
Scrap Leg Armor  
Shades 600
Shirt 548
Ski Goggles  
Skull Cap 590
Steel Boots  
Steel Chest Armor  
Steel Gloves  
Steel Helmet  
Steel Leg Armor  
Suit Jacket  
Suit Pants  
Swat Helmet 118
Tank Top  
Tough Guy Sunglasses  
White Bandana  
White Baseball Cap 600
White Cowboy Boots  
White Denim Pants  
White Hooded Sweatshirt 600
White Pressboy Cap 600
White Puffer Coat  
White Shades  
White Shirt 511
White Shorts 600
White Skirt 600
White Skullcap  
White Sweatshirt 600
White Tank Top 600
White T-Shirt 511
Worn Boots 600
ZU Fan Shirt  
ZU Football Helmet  
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