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Reloading benches

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As an active gun owner, I collect brass from my ammo so I can reuse later. Now don’t get me wrong placing entities like casing would cause huge problems but what you could do is create piles of certain rounds to spawn (like  medical piles). If you shoot 9mm firearm a bullet pile spawns and the casing you get can be a random amount that you shot. And with the reloader perk you can get even more casings from it. But this ties into my main idea. There is no good way for scrap bullets. You gather all of the rounds but their only purpose is to be shot. What if you could take them apart and use them differently? The reloading bench would take the bullets and allows you to scrap them to get more ammo components. This way your normal 9mm can be turned into stronger rounds. And with the reloader perk you can get even more gun powder when you scrap bullets. And to fix this so no one can exploit infinite gunpowder with each rank of reloader you can more gunpowder and each new bullet you make takes more gun powder. These “hand loaded” rounds would be hotter and stronger than any bullets you would find in loot.  I don’t know if any kids have already done this. I am not a mod player. I came up this idea while watching Glock9 and seeing how much bullets he buys

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In the Darkness Falls (DF) mod you can scrap ammo (inc. arrow/bolts) into components.

DF also has an 'ammo catcher' mod for firearms that returns a percentage of used casings to your inventory.


The issue I would expect with creating piles of casings is managing perfomance.

Each time you move, then fire you would create a new object that the server would have to track, add casings too, draw on all players screen, delete on timeout, etc.


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