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In game Voice Chat - Proximity, not working with teams?

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Hello all, 

Quick question - just wondering if what we were experience was to be expected or if there was a way to make this work. 


Me and some buddies decided to try out playing a PVP map as teams against each other. It is pretty much our first time trying this. We thought we'd split into two teams (either 2v2 or 3v3, depending how many show up) and use the in game voice chat. We typically just use discord, since we play co-op, so not a ton of experience with in game VC. We thought it would be a fun extra aspect using the in-game VC so we would be able to potentially hear other teams talking if nearby. Like, in real life.


The problem is that once we set our allies in game, the in game VC stops sending to people on other teams. Even when standing right next to each other. Is that normal? Is there away to keep the proximity VC still working for all despite any alliances set in game?



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