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Battery Bank Hum

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Place a battery bank. Put a charged lead battery into it. Turn on the battery bank, and it will hum. Makes sense, its operating as intended.

Now, remove the charged lead car battery and replace it with a depleted lead car battery. The battery bank still hums when turned on even though there is no power available to operate it. Same situation occurs when in use, once all the lead car batteries are run to zero charge. The battery bank continues to hum. It shouldn't.

The generator bank doesn't continue to emit its motor-running sound when it runs out of gas.

Battery banks should behave the same.

Yes, I could wire up a "We have power, Captain!" indicator lamp, but the audible cue of the battery bank's hum should be a power output indicator. No power, then no hum.



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I agree with the OP. Audio queues are very helpful until they cease to be accurate. I really like audio queues in games. Especially when it involves something you may have behind a door you would rather walk by and listen vs need to open and look to see if something is active.

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