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Opera gx causing crash?

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When i open 7days through steam or launcher and load up my saved game, if i open up Opera GX browser the game will crash. If i have the browser open before i load the game the game wont even load up all the way. I don't know what changed within the last two days. I don't recall doing anything to my PC either. I am trying to connect to my single player game if that matters. 


Typically I will have the browser open watching videos or something in the background while i play any type of game. 


Any advise on how i can fix this problem? 

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I'm going to bet that you are on an insider build of Windows and are not on a Stable release.


The fix is to not try to use a computer on a developer test platform as a PC you expect to do things that aren't testing that specific platform.  Insider builds warn you of this several times before you opt in.

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