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Is this a possible world?

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Good afternoon;


I've got an extremely ambitious idea and am wondering if it is dead in the water.


Decent into hell, where instead of a traditional world, different biomes are stacked one atop another.  I suspect this will end up several thousand blocks high. 


Can it load chunks within a certain height?

Could it reference elevation for loot/game stage?

Is a vertical only vehicle ie elevator possible?



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It is not possible without rewriting huge parts of the game code.


The world size height is fixed at 256 blocks (including bedrock). You can travel above that point (say, in a gyrocopter) but no blocks can be placed there.


Chunks have an X/Z area (where the Y-axis is up/down). The game loads the entire chunk in that area, bedrock to sky.


Biomes are determined by a single, 2D biome map. You cannot have different biomes at different elevations. AFAIK there is no way to modify loot stages by anything map-related, other than biome. (EDIT: and POI, but I don't know if you consider that "map-related.")


Speaking of prefabs, the game places them on the ground, it cannot place one POI above another. So that would severely limit the "stacked biomes" concept even if it were otherwise possible.


Elevators are possible (Darkness Falls has them) but I don't think they're vehicles, and also they can be pretty buggy.


Sorry for the not-so-good news.

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