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Importing prefab via CR deletes my buildings

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I slowly get the hang of this game and it's very  addictive.  Anyway, I've spent a lot of time learning about prefabs but now I hit a snag:


What I'm trying is to add a prefab to an existing base of mine. Is this possible at all? I've tested it as "normal" prefab and  then as "part". Both show just fine in the world editor but when "spawning" either in my game map via 'chunk reset' (more precise cr f) they appear but my other buildings are removed. What do I miss? Or is it not possible  to add  a  prefab  as a  part to a base?


Cheers  Euclid

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I've never used it to import a prefab, but chunk reset just sets the area to the state your "generated map" is in. So if you've built something in the area in-game and then do a chunk reset, you'll lose whatever you've built.


If you edit a map and then "apply" the change to your current game using chunk reset to do so, the same should happen, it'll just reset to whatever is defined on the map.


(not exactly an expert in the area, someone please correct me where I'm wrong.. :) )

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the quick reply.


I've forgot to mention that  using cr only (no f) removes part of my base. By testing I've figured out that a chunk is 12 blocks added to all directions (N,E,S,W) of the prefab size and  seems to have  "infinite"  height and goes down  to the rockbed.  Also chunk  reset  does not trigger unless on the ground  at most 1 block away from the prefab location (neares block of the  prefab). That raises some questions:

  • Is a chunk size 14x14  or are 12 added (see above)
  • Is  it possible to adjust the  chunk  size?


Cheers Euclid

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