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Idea for an Upgrade Mod to improve the utility of "Animal Tracker" perk, from a non Modder

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Perk states : "Learn to detect and track animals within 100m and never go hungry."


All too often I track and successfully shoot that 'rascally rabbit' (or chicken) only to lose sight of it's corpse in the intervening terrain and GO Hungry despite the hype...   😞


I am unfamiliar with modding and would LOVE to put my idea out in the world in the hopes an experienced modder takes it and runs with it. (maybe credit me for the idea or at least send me a D/L url )


I would love to see a tracking icon remain visible for the corpse. If my guesswork is right I have an idea of possibly how to accomplish it (but would rather leave the heavy lifting to an experienced modder)


Living creatures icons are 'green' for chicken & rabbit,  and once killed the ?entity? rabbit becomes instead a harvestable resource ?rabbit corpse? that could be represented by a trackable red version of chicken/rabbit icon. Dangerous prey such as boars, wolves, bears, etc. base icons are usually red, corpses could have a 'green' (valuable vittles) icon.

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Sounds like a good idea. I'm not versed enough in modding to do it but would certainly be interested in seeing it come to fruition.


I wonder, if instead of red/green and green/red combinations you could go with a different colour, perhaps grey, to keep consistency?


I'd also like to see an early level perk in that tree be "arrow tracking" that has a little marker for arrows that can be recovered like you see for spears.

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