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getting setup to mod and build prefabs

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To modify and work on 7d2d, including models, prefabs, gameplay, npc ,ai, etc, what all would need to be installed on a system? 


Unreal engine?  C++ tools?  Blender?  Image editors?  


How do you make prefabs in a20?  Is this going to change with a21 such that there's no point until then? 


I looked for threads on this and did not find anything recent.  



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Prefabs can be made using the prefab editor included with the game, which is one of the option you get when you first start it up--New game, Join a server, what-have-you. Think it's about the 5th option from the top. They're built with the same blocks as you use in game, plus others not craftable by players in the vanilla game. Physics seem to be off in the prefab editor by default, meaning you can build things that ignore SI (structural integrity) rules of the game until they actually get put in the game... where they may fall apart. The tile system introduced in A20 uses a very small set of POI footprints, so you'll want you building to fit one of those, I'd imagine.


The game is made in Unity, but not the very latest version available on the Unity website. You'll probably want to install the Unity Hub if you plan on running more than one version of Unity. I keep 2 version on the Hub currently--the one used for A19, and the one for A20. Not at home at the moment, so can't give you the exact build, but I think it was something like 2019.1 and 2020.1, respectively.


If you're planning on doing modelling, you'll want Blender, though you can also bring models and animations from Mixamo, MakeHuman, SketchUp, etc into Unity.


For image editing, GIMP comes in handy. Image type doesn't seem as important as image proportions, as Unity can compress textures that are powers of 2 (so, 256x1024 pixels or things like that).


That's just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope it's enough to get started.

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Thanks this is helpful. 

More questions, do you have to work for TFP to get working files to edit or is it open sourced somewhere?

Are there any tutorials for making a zombie?

Are there any good tutorials for models and prefabs for a20, I wasnt able to find any that are recent. 

Where would I find confirmation on the exact version requirements?  I assume a lot of this is dicussed on discord etc


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