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Was just curious.


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I have all copies of game from a5 to a20 in a "Keep Vanilla" folder for when I want to go back and play one of the older versions.

I have been playing, now and again, version from a11 up.

Just for curiosity I have check on a couple of them if there are any servers running and surprisingly there were some.

I did see one for A17 but it was set for 1 player only. I did think I did see one for A16 but then it never showed up the next day.

I must say there are a few A19 ones still up and running. Mind you I am thinking these are all multiplayer games and not dedicated servers. (Not sure on the A19 ones)


Anyway the thing I was really curious about was does anyone ever go back and play the older version for kicks...I mean from A5 say up to A10 or 11.

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