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[Alpha 20.6 b9] Crashing upon Initialization

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A friend of mine recently got a new PC and has been attempting to play 7 Days to Die [A20.6 b9] with us. Upon startup he can access the main menu, manipulate settings, and try to start or join a game. It is when he finally loads into the world, or when the loading screen reaches the “initializing world” state, his game crashes with no error message. This occurs in single player and multiplayer.

Computer Specifications:

·         Operating System: Windows 11 Home

·         CPU: Intel Core i5-12600KF(Beat i7 11700F) 3.69GHz (4.9GHz Turbo) 10-Core 16-Thread

·         GPU: ASUS DUAL-RTX3070-O8G-V2

·         Motherboard: ASUS B660M Motherboard

·         RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (2 x 8GB)

·         SSD: 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD

·         CPU Cooler: 4 copper pipes for air cooling

·         PSU: 600W

·         Case: IPASON S6

·         WiFi: Yes WIFI6

·         VR Ready: Yes

We have so far attempted the following fixes:

·         Disabling motion blur

·         Forcing direct x 10 through “-force-feature-level–10–0”

·         Unsuccessful install of 32bit version

This PC is brand new so he installed and updated all of his drivers as of yesterday, he has no mods installed nor are we running mods on the server, and from he has checked the game is not clashing with any antivirus program. He has currently left for work and has uninstalled the game, and turned his PC off, so we will try a clean install and attempt again when he returns.

If anyone could please provide any input or answers, we would love to give them a try and truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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On 1/7/2023 at 2:25 PM, Invisibread said:

If anyone could please provide any input or answers, we would love to give them a try and truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

yes here it is,


Please follow @SylenThunder link he has so you can give useful info. right now nobody can help you without the logs and repro details need (in the format requested). also, you are using (if you got it from steam) 64 bit not 32 bit as we took that out a good while back.


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28 minutes ago, tytie48 said:

have you got it working yet cuz im having the same problem

As with the OP, you need to provide the details listed in the topic on how to request support. We have no details to help you without that.


Even so, the OP specifically mentioned a new PC, which offers two possible causes common with any game crashing on a new PC.  First, the graphics drivers may be out of date or generic (installed through windows update instead of from the manufacturer).  This is a common cause of issues in games and is something often forgotten about when buying a new computer.  The second is less common, but similar... The chipset drivers could be out of date or generic.  That causes issues less often than graphics drivers, but it can happen and is again something often not looked at when getting a new computer.


Beyond that, things like a log file are crucial if you need help.

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