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The Duke's Last Stand A20.6 version 1.0


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Do not get bored while waiting for A21! 🙂


The Duke's Last Stand 1.0 at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)


XXL prefab, aimed at (imho much needed) end-game gameplay in 7d2d. Ofc this prefab needs bandits. but that's what A21 is for 🙂



  • Dungeon-style playthrough / Tier 5+ / 100% vanilla blocks / No quest (bc XXL), but with all traders
  • Optional use of electricity (tool + battery) 
  • XXL: it dwarfs my Space Shuttle prefab. Forget about 'Can it run Crysis'. This is the new benchmark😉




  • The fit into the NG (height)map. The fit is not 'perfect' anymore bc of the update of the NG map by TFP a few Alpha-versions ago. But it fits 90%.
  • XXL: technically minimum of two prefabs needed, so automatically fitting them in a random map willl not work properly.
  • The two prefabs are technically set to 'navezgane only' and should not appear in a random generated map. 


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