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New Server (PvE) Moded

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Just got a new server and plan on running Undead Legacy. Looking for a mature group of individuals for a chill multiplayer/cooperative experience.


We can discuss server settings once we have a group established. Looking to make new friends and enjoy what this mod has in store for us.


Space is limited so first come and all that....Thanks for understanding.


Contact me on Discord if your interested: CR4ZYB0N3S#3287


Check out the Mod here: https://ul.subquake.com/


JaWoodle Series (In case your curious about the gameplay) 



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I have watched a lot of JaWoodle series videos. Excellent playstyle and enjoyed them.


There is a mod developed by Errornull called as  enTowerDefence. I would like to watch JaiWoode playing that mod.  It is a one hour to one and a half hours gameplay.






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